Date POSTED: March 25, 2024

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS for to the International Seminar on Climate Change Implication on Migration (IS-CCIM): “Role of US Real Estate Management Towards Livelihood Opportunities”


We are now accepting abstracts for oral or poster presentations for organized sessions and exhibits relevant to the International Seminar on Climate Change Implication on Migration (IS-CCIM) sub-themes.

The core of the event will cover an important aspect of climate change migration, disaster risk reduction, reduction, as well as the role of urban and rural planning in mitigating climate-induced challenges.

The PLANADES organized steering Committee solicits abstracts from the PLANADES International Fellowship Program members, community of Environmental Planners, Engineers, Scientists, social sciences practitioner across Asia-Pacific and globally. We review the abstracts as the basis for the selection of speakers for the event Thematic Areas. Abstracts need to be concise and reflect the value of the topic to the event agenda. Abstract submissions should not be longer than 150 words.

The deadline for submission is moved to 23:59 PM GMT+8 (Manila Time) on 16th April, 2024 from 10th April 2024. Abstracts can be submitted through this link: .


A. Nexus Between Climate Change and Migration

  1. Drivers of Climate-Induced Migration
  2. Impacts of Climate Change on Migration Patterns
  3. Policy Responses to Climate-Induced Migration

B. Mainstreaming DRRM and Climate Change Adaptation in Real Estate Management and Planning

  1. Integrating Climate Resilience into Urban Planning
  2. Building Codes and Standards for Climate Resilient Infrastructure
  3. Green Infrastructure and Sustainable Development in Real Estate

C. Public Private Partnerships in Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

  1. Role of Private Sector in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  2. Collaborative Initiatives between Government and Private Sector
  3. Funding Mechanisms for Public-Private Partnerships in Climate Action

D. Resilient Communities

  1. Risk-Sensitive Physical and Development Planning
  2. Community-Based Disaster Risk Reduction Strategies
  3. Early Warning Systems and Community Preparedness
  4. Social Protection and Resilience Building in Vulnerable Communities

E. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Finance

  1. Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Climate Resilience
  2. Financial Instruments for Disaster Risk Reduction
  3. Mobilizing Climate Finance for Adaptation and Mitigation Efforts


  • All interested authors are invited to submit one abstract for the seminar, relevant to one or more thematic areas.
  • The deadline of submission is moved to 23:59 PM GMT+8 (Manila Time) on 16th April, 2024 from 10th April 2024.
  • Abstracts must only be submitted through the Google Form. Abstracts submitted via email or other media will not be entertained. No specific formatting is required.
  • The abstract should contain introduction, objectives, methods, highlights of results, conclusion and recommendation and must be limited to 150 words.
  • The abstract should be written in clear and concise language, avoiding jargon and provide a brief and understandable overview of the research, enabling reviewers and attendees to grasp the key points easily.
  • Authors must ensure that their abstract is relevant to the conference’s objectives and the thematic areas mentioned in the abstract call. The research and/or work presented must contribute to the discussions and discourse of the conference.
  • Submissions should be based on successful experiences and lessons learned in designing, implementing, and evaluating projects, programs, initiatives, and business models.
  • Abstracts should focus on practical and implementation-oriented aspects rather than theoretical discussions.
  • Authors should provide accurate and complete information about themselves, including their contact details, affiliations, and any other required information specified by the conference organizers.
  • Authors will be notified about the outcome of their abstract submission within three business days via email, upon which they will receive an Abstract ID and further instructions regarding the payment and registration process.
  • Abstracts must be submitted through this link:

Please note that:

  1. Abstract of the Registered Participants will be compiled and circulated as Conference Resource Material in digital format.
  2. Only Registered Participants will be invited to submit FULL Paper for consideration of the Publication with International Seminar on Climate Change Implication of Migration Publication Partners.
  • Selected abstracts will be requested to submit a full paper for consideration in a Special Issue of the Scopus Journal Otherwise, it will be published in the Book of Abstracts.
  1. Selected speakers will be responsible for their own travel costs to Manila and must ensure that they can manage their own travel expenses before submitting their abstracts.