Tuesday, 29 June 2023



TU Dortmund University, Department of Spatial Planning Research Group Landscape Ecology and Landscape Planning

17-25 June 2023

The Planning and Development Research Foundation, Inc. (PLANADES) represented by its Executive Director, Prof. Dr. Tabassam Raza and Dr. Dina C. Magnaye, Dean of the School of Urban and Regional Planning- University of the Philippines participated in the Spring Workshop in TU Dortmund, Germany entitled “Planning in Germany and Pakistan: Responding Challenges of Climate Change through Intercultural Dialogue” on 18-26 June 2023. Further, Ms. Lendl Meniado, Project Development Officer of PLANADES, also joined the said Workshop.

Day1: Opening Ceremony

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietwald Gruehn, the Project Leader of the Project, welcomed all the participants on behalf of the Technische Universitat (TU) Dortmund. On the other hand, Prof. Shaker Mahmood delivered his welcome speech on behalf of the UET, Lahore followed by the welcome speech of Prof. Atiq Ur-Rahman from the LCWU. Prof. Khayyam and Asst. Prof Safiullah from NUST also welcomed the participants on behalf of NUST.

Lastly, Prof. Dina Magnaye, Dean of UP SURP delivered her welcome remarks on behalf of UP SURP and PLANADES

Day2: Development of Research Topics and Methodology

The participants are grouped according to thematic areas of their research. Mentors were assigned in each group to whom the participants can seek advice and guidance from. Thematic areas are as follows including the assigned mentors.

In order to help the students, develop their research topics and methodology. Prof. Dr. Tabassam Raza shared and presented “Primary and Secondary Data Collection to Conduct Researchers, Write Thesis and Dissertation Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic: A Guidepost”’.

Prof. Dr. Raza discussed the step-by-step operationalization of the Guidepost starting from the selection of Title. 

Day3: Department of Spatial Planning Workshop Academic Presenting

For the third day, the Department of Spatial Planning provided a workshop on Academic Presentation. The workshop was conducted by Kirsten Waechter, Communication Skills Trainer.

Day4: Visit to Soest

The call time for the visit to Soest is at 10:00am at the Dortmund Central Station. The tour was headed by Prof. Dr. Gruehn and Dr. Bashirezadeh. Prof. Dr. Gruehn shared the history, art, architecture, and culture of Soest.  On the way to Soest, he discussed that in Germany, there are levels of planning, 1) Federal Government Level; 2) State Level; 3) City Level, and 4) Community/ Action Level.

Dean Magnaye also shared that the Philippines has an established level of planning. Its national government is responsible in formulating the Philippine Development Plan which coincide with the term of President. All other plans such as the Regional Development Plan, Provincial Development and Physical Framework Plan, down to City/ Municipality Development Plan shall be aligned to the National Plan.

Day5: Research Presentation and Closing

Participants presented their research to the mentors. Mentors gave their comments and guidance to each of the participant in order to improve their research. After the presentations, certificates were awarded.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietwald Gruehn thanked everyone for participating in the Spring Workshop.