company profile

The Planning and Development Research Foundation, Inc. (PLANADES) is a non-stock corporation with a company sub-class non-stock, non-profit organization engaged in research, consultancy and extension services, academic development and training in environmental, urban and regional planning, and related disciplines. Incorporated by a group of specialists and practitioners, its articles of Incorporation were registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in December 1976, with its Code of By-Laws subsequently approved the following year. In 1978, PLANADES was certified as a tax-exempt corporation by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), formerly the National Science Development Board. It formally entered into a working and collaborative arrangement under a Memorandum of Agreement dated 10 August 1978 with the U.P. School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) where the corporation is presently based PLANADES is a NEDA/COFILCO Accredited Firm with FILCON Consultant Code No. CC-100054.

In close collaboration with U.P SURP, PLANADES has since operated as a private entity engaged in promoting studies and applied research and providing technical assistance by way of consultancy/extension services to government and non-government entities. It has also supported scholarships and professorial chairs, as well as the development of publications and other related areas.

PLANADES maintains a highly-respected multi-disciplinary staff complement of planning, management, finance, and design professionals who have been involved in the successful planning and implementation of environmentally-sensitive and economically-sound development plans.

Further, the PLANADES will make available for clients a rare combination of knowledge and unique planning experience developed through years of research and teaching, involvement in master plan preparation at both the regional and urban levels, in environmental impact assessment studies, as well as in investment planning and programming of development projects.

Its distinct advantages over other consultancy groups may usefully be noted:

  • For more than 40 years, PLANADES has a strong track record in the preparation of Master Plans and Land Use Plans for various local governments, GOCCs, and private developers.
  • The overwhelming majority of its members (more than 75%) are Licensed Environmental Planners, easily satisfying the qualification requirements of the Philippine Regulatory Board for consultancy firms to engage in environmental planning practice under R.A 10587; and
  • It has strong linkages with, and can draw expertise from, related units of the University of the Philippines, providing a multi-sectoral approach in planning, such as the National College of Public Administration and Governance (NCPAG), the College of Engineering (CE), the National Center for Transportation Studies (NCTS), the Department of Geography, and the College of Architecture (CA).
  • PLANADES also has a pool of consultants and other experts who can be tapped for specific projects and highly specialized fields of expertise.