The Planning and Development Research Foundation, Inc. (PLANADES) is a non-stock corporation with a company sub-class non-stock & non-profit organization engaged in research, consultancy and extension services, academic development and training in environmental, urban and regional planning, and related disciplines. Incorporated by a group of specialists and practitioners, its articles of Incorporation were registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission in December 1976, with its Code of By-Laws subsequently approved the following year. In 1978, PLANADES was certified as a tax-exempt corporation by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), formerly the National Science Development Board. It formally entered into a working and collaborative arrangement under a Memorandum of Agreement dated 10 August 1978 with the U.P. School of Urban and Regional Planning (UP SURP) where the corporation is presently based PLANADES is a NEDA/COFILCO Accredited Firm with FILCON Consultant Code No. CC-100054.

In close collaboration with U.P SURP, PLANADES has since operated as a private entity engaged in promoting studies and applied research and providing technical assistance by way of consultancy/extension services to government and non-government entities. It has also supported scholarships and professorial chairs, as well as the development of publications and other related areas.