Date: NOVEMEBR 25, 2023

PLANADES is now Accepting Applications to be part of the International Fellowship Program (IFP)

The Planning and Development Research Foundation, Inc (PLANADES) is pleased to announce that applications are open for the International Fellowship Program from 25 November to 10 December 2023. This Program aims to contribute in research, development, and capacity-building in the various fields of environmental planning including urban and regional planning. Specifically, it deals with SDGs, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (CCAM), Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), community-based Climate Change and Disaster Risk impact resiliency, transit-oriented development, real estate management and planning, risk-sensitive and inclusive land use and development planning, and other related fields and sectors which are directly or indirectly involved in national to local/ urban land use and development planning.

Specifically, the objectives of the IFP are as follows:

  • Achieve the organizational goals set in the PLANADES Five-Year Strategic Plan;
  • Share environmentally sustainable knowledge acquired by PLANADES experts through completing their respective Project/ Programs/ Activities (PPAs). It is to engage the interested researchers (faculty members, students) practitioners, planners, advocators, engineers, architects, economist, social workers, and other sectors which are directly or indirectly involved in national to local/ urban land use and development planning;
  • Provide hands-on strategic planning workshops and involve fellowship members in on-going PPAs as an observer/ consultant, whatever is suitable; and
  • Develop partnership with local and international academic institutions through accepting local and international fellowship applicants endorsed by their respective institution/ organization/ department/ NGOs/ civic organizations.
Please visit our website at for more information about the Program—kindly read the Program’s concept note here (click Concept Note hereas well as a link to the application form. (click Fillable Application Form here)

The deadline for applying is December 10, 2023. Applications will be evaluated by our Academic Advisory Committee and successful applicants will be announced on the second week of January 2024. We strongly encourage interested applicants to apply early. The USD $250 program fee will be waived for the first 15 applicants who will successfully be part of the Program.