Sunday, 10 September 2023


Planning and Development Research Foundation, Inc. is glad to inform you that it successfully complied with all the requirements of PRC during its blended inspection held last 08 September 2023. The inspection conducted by PRC is in in accordance with Section 9 (b) of RA 8981 or PRC Modernization Act of 2000 which states as one of the Powers, Functions, and Responsibilities of the Board is to monitor the conditions affecting the practice of the profession or occupation under their respective jurisdictions and whenever necessary, adopt such measures as may be deemed proper for the enhancement of the profession or occupation and/or the maintenance of high professional, ethical and technical standards, and for this purpose the members of the Board duly authorized by the Commission with deputized employees of the Commission, may conduct ocular inspection in industrial, mechanical, electrical or chemical plants or establishments, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, testing facilities, mines and quarries, other engineering facilities, and in the case of schools.
The inspection was overseen by Honorable Commissioner Michael T. Ang (virtually present), with the participation of Honorable Roque A. Magno, a Board Member, and Honorable Corazon B. Cruz, also a Board Member. Further, Ms. Merly M. Gabin and Ms. Anamyl V. Austria both as Representatives, conducted an in-person on-site inspection of the PLANADES Office.
Under the leadership of Dr. Engr. Tabassam Raza, Executive Director, PLANADES presented essential organizational information as part of PLANADES efforts to meet the criteria for PRC's periodic monitoring evaluation to attain recognition as an environmental planning firm.

On the far left, we have PLANADES Board member, EnP. Arlene D.R. Santiago, followed by two representatives from the inspection team: Ms. Merly M. Gabin and Ms. Anamyl V. Austria. Next in line are Honorable Roque A. Magno and Honorable Commissioner Corazon B. Cruz. Following them, we have PLANADES Vice President, EnP. Kristine F. Aspiras, and PLANADES Executive Director, Dr. Engr. Tabassam Raza. Finally, positioned at the far end, we find PLANADES Board member, EnP. Jade S. Agapinan.

Honorable Commissioner Corazon B. Cruz is positioned at the far left, succeeded by Honorable Roque A. Magno, both serving as Board Members. Subsequently, following Honorable Roque, you will find Ms. Merly M. Gabin and Ms. Anamyl V. Austria, both representing the delegation.

In the center of the photograph, we find Honorable Commissioner Hon Michael T. Ang, who was virtually present. To the left of the center and standing are the PRC Inspection team members, comprising Honorable Commissioner Corazon B. Cruz, followed by Honorable Roque A. After Honorable Roque, the team includes Ms. Merly M. Gabin and Ms. Anamyl V. Austria. On the right side of the center, we have PLANADES Vice President, EnP. Kristine F. Aspiras, followed by PLANADES Executive Director, Dr. Engr. Tabassam Raza. Dr. Engr. Tabassam Raza is succeeded by PLANADES Board members, EnP. Arlene D.R. Santiago and EnP. Jade S. Agapinan, respectively.