Friday, 05 April 2024


Last April 1, 2024, during the Planades staff meeting and through HR Memo 2024-04-006, the Brown Bag Session was introduced as one of the activities under PLANADES Staff Development Program (SDP). It is to support the organization’s operational goals and for the preparation of ISO accreditation as one of the goals of the PLANADES 5 Year Strategic Plan. This required all employees and regular consultants to undertake and attend internal brown bag session every two (2) months.

The Staff Internal Development Program (SIDP) supports employee development by providing brown bag sessions, seminars, and workshops that enable employees to advance performance in current jobs and prepare for career development. This SDP also encourages the staff, officers and Board of Trustees to share their knowledge through brown bag sessions.

On April 4, 2024 at 10;30 AM, the first brown bag session on Navigating the Network Attached Storage (NAS), headed by Engr. Ernie Lopez was held at Planades Office and has been attended by the Planades Executive Director, Accountant, Finance Officer, Bookkeeper, Project Development Officer, ICT Coordinator and Admin Assistant.

Figure 1. standing beside the whiteboard the Executive Director of PLANADES, Dr. Tabassam Raza explaining the rational of the brown bag session to the PLANADES Staff and employees

Figure 2. From left Engineer Diannie Joye Catherin, EA, followed by Allen Marion Castillo, PDO I, at third from the right is the Executive Director of PLANADES, Dr. Tabassam Raza briefing about brown bag session followed by Engineer Ernie M Lopez, the speaker of the session.

Figure 3. PLANADES Staff and employees having the lecture by Engr. Ernie M lopes on NAS

Figure 3. From the left Engr. Ernie M. Lopez, Engr. Diannie Joy Cathyrine, Mr. Allen Marion Castillo, Dr. Engr. Tabassam Raza, Ms. Noemi Abainza, Ms. Jenie Darang, and John Edward Sancho after receiving their session completion certificates